Coed Varsity Athletic Training · Kent City Awarded Safe Sports School Award — 1st Team from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association

In March, Kent City was awarded the Safe Sports School award — 1st Team from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA).  In a letter from NATA, President Tory Lindley, MA, ATC, writes, “We are proud of the Safe Sports School award  and its recipients.  It is not an easy award for which to qualify and you can be deservedly proud.”  To earn this honor, schools must meet several guidelines that are aimed at protecting student athletes.  NATA offers 12 standards that schools must meet to qualify for a 1st Team rating:

  • Standard 1: Athletes’ readiness to participate in activity is determined through a standardized pre-participation physical examination (PPE) screening process.
  • Standard 2: Practice, competition and athletic health care facilities as well as equipment used by athletes are safe and clean.
  • Standard 3: Equipment worn by athletes is properly fitted and maintained while instructions to use safely and appropriately are provided.
  • Standard 4:  Protective materials and products used to prevent athletic injuries are safely and appropriately applied.
  • Standard 5: Athletic participation in a safe environment is ensured or activity is modified or canceled based on established environmental policies.
  • Standard 6: Education and counseling is provided for athletes on nutrition, hydration and dietary supplementation.
  • Standard 7: Wellness programs promote a safe progression of physical fitness and improve long-term health across an athlete’s lifespan.
  • Standard 8: Comprehensive athletic emergency action plan (EAP) is established and integrated with local EMS per athletic venue.
  • Standard 9: On-site prevention, recognition, evaluation and immediate care of athletic injuries and illnesses are provided with appropriate medical referrals.
  • Standard 10: On-site therapeutic intervention (pre-, post-, and non-surgical conditions) outcomes are optimized by developing, evaluating and updating a plan of care for athletes.
  • Standard 11: Comprehensive management plan for at-risk athletes with psychological concerns.
  • Standard 12: Comprehensive athletic health care administration system is established to ensure appropriate medical care is provided.

This award was made possible by everyone at Kent City, staff and student-athletes, as well as Spectrum Health and our athletic training service program.   Former trainer Hayden Marlowe, AT, ATC nominated Kent City for this award and was the catalyst behind our school meeting the standards listed above.  For his work, Kent City will be designated a Safe Sports School for the next three years at which time we can apply again.  We are honored to be recognized for something we take very seriously at Kent City, the safety and health of our students and student-athletes!