Multiple Teams · WE are Kent City’s Class of 2020 — Brooklyn VanOeffelen

Throughout the spring, we will be pausing to thank our senior athletes and band members for their hard work and dedication to our school community.   We thank our seniors for the opportunity to watch them grow and for leaving a lasting impact on future Eagles!   Join us in wishing the Class of 2020 good luck in all of their future adventures and congratulating them on their many achievements!


Name: Brooklyn VanOeffelen

Freshman Volleyball (2016), Junior Varsity Volleyball (2017), Varsity Sideline Cheer (2018 & 2019), and Varsity Basketball Cheer (2018-2019)


Varsity Cheer 
Individual Accomplishments 
Most Valuable (2018), Leadership Award (2018), Academic All-Star (2019), and Most Team Cheerleader (2019)

Future Plans: 
Attend Ferris State University to study English and Spanish for Secondary Education.  

Best Memory from Athletics/Band: 
For cheer, I was a flyer. Stunting was my favorite of the sport. I loved to be thrown in the air and try new things with my bases. I really loved the rides in the school vans with my team on the way to away games. It was always super fun and got us all in the spirit for the games even though some of them were very cold.What game, match, contest, race,performance, etc stands out to you the most?   Why? 
A specific performance that stood out to me was my last performance of the 2018-2019 basketball sideline cheer. I was all nerves and I tried really hard to convince myself that I wasn’t going to fall. After the very first stomp and chant, the crowd had started cheering so loudly, and it’s a very indescribable feeling of pride and confidence that I began to feel. We hit every stunt and completed a perfect twist cradle to end.

Another instance that really stands out is the football game we cheered for when FOX Sports came to film the game. There was so much excitement around the entire ordeal from the pep rally to the game itself. The school spirit exhibited was incomparable.

What have Kent City Athletics/Band taught you about Work Ethic (WE)?   Give an example.  
Each of the sports I have participated in at Kent City High School have taught me a lot about work ethic. I have had to practice hard to become better at skills that were essential to the team’s success. For example, in cheer we would drill stunts over and over until they were consistent and perfect. I had to be patient and understanding of the fact that all of us were new at the stunts and I wasn’t going to hit them perfectly the first time. I had to not be discouraged.

Who has had a lasting impact on your life from Kent City Athletics/Band? How?  
My junior and senior year, I participated in sideline cheer. My coach Hillary VanDam was amazing. She wasn’t just a coach to us, but she was also a friend that we could go to for anything. Coach Hillary pushed me to be the best that I could be, and believed in me when even I didn’t believe in myself. She helped me to become the best cheerleader and flyer that I could be, and I am very grateful for her.

Why should kids get involved in athletics/band while in high school?   
High school athletics are next level in all aspects. The energy and school spirit are unmatched, but even more than that you learn true life skills such as work ethic, team work, and commitment. They provide opportunities to make new lifelong friends and meet coaches that can help you and change your perspective.