Multiple Teams · Eagles of the Week — The Class of 2020

The class of 2020 will be remembered for a long time, and not just for obstacles they have had to overcome during their senior year . . . at Kent City that is.   I can not speak for other students at other schools, but here, this year’s graduates are as talented as they come, and not just in athletics.  Perhaps it is something in the water, but the Eagles have traditionally been multi-talented dating back to, well, forever.   Each year we are we are reminded of this legacy during the Kent City Athletic Hall of Fame ceremonies.   It seems like every new member (especially pre-1980) has a story to tell outside of athletics, whether it be band, the school play, or student government.   This type of excellence across the board is not common place anymore in this world of specialization.   Instead, schools are either successful in one or two activities or they have different kids involved in each activity with little to no cross-over.  Not at Kent City, it is common place to see the lead in the school play, change “costumes” to star in a basketball game the next day.   Or how about the those student-athletes who complete a 5K with the cross country team before heading to a three hour band practice in the parking lot on a Monday night, not to mention running at the State Finals at M.I.S. and then rushing to Ford Field to win a State Championship with the Marching Eagles.   Finally, there are those student-athletes who practiced football for three hours before heading over to play an 80 minute game with the soccer team.

These are just a sampling of the multi-sport, multi-talented student-athletes who make up the class of 2020.   Sure there are some who only played sports and others who only participated in other activities, but the number of student-athletes who were involved in multiple activities across the spectrum are the recipe for Kent City’s continued success.   What does the Class of 2020 have to offer?   Funny you should ask.   Throughout their four years, Kent City has won 25 Conference championships, six District championships, and one Regional championship in athletics.   Individually student-athletes have earned All-State honors 10 times while 50 earned All-Conference honors.   The class of 2020 was part of the creation of a girls golf program at Kent City, started in 2016 as a club sport, as well as the resurrection of the basketball cheer program in 2018-2019.   Like those who have come before them, the class of 2020 immersed themselves in the Kent City experience and now is armed with the lessons learned: work ethic, teamwork, and (for many) budgeting time, just to name a few.   Although EEE and COVID-19 will be part of their story, it will only be a short chapter in what is sure to be long and fulfilling life that WE are proud to have been a included in.   Congratulations Class of 2020!