Multiple Teams · WE are Kent City’s Class of 2020 — Jesus Hernandez

Throughout the spring, we will be pausing to thank our senior athletes and band members for their hard work and dedication to our school community.   We thank our seniors for the opportunity to watch them grow and for leaving a lasting impact on future Eagles!   Join us in wishing the Class of 2020 good luck in all of their future adventures and congratulating them on their many achievements!


Name: Jesus Hernandez

Junior Varsity Football (2016 & 2017), Varsity Football (2018 & 2019), Varsity Soccer (2019), Varsity Wrestling (2018-2020), and Varsity Track and Field (2018)


Varsity Football 
Individual Accomplishments 
1st Team All-Conference (2019) and All-Area (2019)

Team Accomplishments
CSAA Silver Champions (2018); Playoffs (2018 & 2019); District Finalists (2019); and Academic All-State (2018 & 2019)

Varsity Wrestling 
Team Accomplishments 
CSAA Silver Champions (2019, & 2020); Academic All-State (2019 & 2020)

Varsity Track and Field 
Team Accomplishments 
CSAA Silver Champions (2018)

Marching Band  
Team Accomplishments 
MCBA top three State finalist (2016-2019), MCBA State champion (2019), MCBA State finals best music, visual and general effect (2019), BOA Regional finalist (2019), District and State Band festival superior rating (2017 and 2018), District Band Festival superior rating (2020)

Future Plans: 
Joining the Navy and hopefully becoming famous for something when I come back.        

Best Memory from Athletics/Band: 
Meeting all of my friends and creating an amazing bond with all of my teammates.

What game, match, contest, race, performance etc stands out to you the most?   Why? 
The football District game, that was my best performance.

What has Kent City Athletics/Band taught you about Work Ethic (WE)?   Give an example.  
The hard work you put into practices will pay off during the games.  Good enough is neither good nor enough.

Who has had a lasting impact on your life from Kent City Athletics? How?  
I won’t say all the names because they know who they are, but everyone who was near the same skill level as me would help me and I would try to help them.  We pushed each other to be better.

Why should kids get involved in athletics/band while in high school?   
High school sports and band are another level of competition.  We have great coaches and great directors that will help you reach the next level.