Multiple Teams · Committed to Excellence — Connecting with Payton Oliver

Today we are going to check in with freshman Payton Oliver.   Oliver wrestles and plays baseball for Kent City.   This past winter, Oliver and the Eagles won their fourth consecutive CSAA Silver championship.   In the spring, Oliver was looking forward to playing on the junior varsity baseball team.

1. How have you kept yourself busy?
I have been keeping myself busy by doing schoolwork and watching wrestling highlights from past Olympics.

2. What do your at home workouts look like?
Running on the treadmill and a lot of body weight workouts and some core work.

3. What do you miss most about school?  Why? 
I really miss seeing my friends and keeping busy.
4. What book are you reading?   Would you recommend it to a friend?  Why or Why not?   
I am currently reading Red Cell by John Kalkowski.  I would recommend this to my friends, because it is a baseball genre book.
5. Who in Kent City has made a positive impact on your life?   What have they done for you?
Definitely Coach Kik, he has pushed me to work hard and get better, he also pushes me to be a better person and be disciplined.

6. What is something you will never forget about the 2019-20 wrestling season and what were you looking forward to in baseball?  
 I will never forget winning a conference championship because everyone worked so hard and it paid off. I was looking forward to become a better baseball player and learning the game.

We are encouraging all student-athletes to remain active during this time of social distancing due to the coronavirus.   A valuable resources for all Kent City students is our online strength and conditioning program, PLT4M.   PLT4M has created a Remote Fitness workout that can be done at home without any equipment.   Many of our student-athletes are already on PLT4M and simply need to log in.  If you are not on PLT4M, here is a link you can use for more information: PLTM Workouts 5-10 — 5-16.    Other questions can be directed to Coach Gropp at and he will get you up and running — literally.