Multiple Teams · Larson, McVicker, and Vogel log perfect attendance — PLT4M Workouts 4-12 — 4-18

Week two is in the books and we had a total of 30 student-athletes log-in to PLT4M (list is below).   This is an increase of nine from last week.  We are happy we are making progress, but we all know we can do better!   There were more student-athletes this week who visited PLT4M multiple times, with three working out all five scheduled days: Kyler Larson, Logan McVicker, and Jaren Vogel!  That means they completed the three regular workouts plus the mastering mobility work.   Having this program in place and ready for student-athletes is a huge advantage . . . other schools are still scrambling to get something out to their kids and others have done nothing at all.

We believe that there are student-athletes who are completing their workouts, but are failing to log into PLT4M.   Please take this extra step of logging in and recording any measurable results so we know that you are working out and then you have a record of the progress you are making down the road.  Adhere to the suggestions to “add weight” on the exercises using a back pack, milk jugs, or other materials found around your house.   Also, if you do have weights at your house, use the Total Athlete workout instead of the Remote Fitness workout.

For anyone needing assistance with PLT4M, we have created a cheat-sheet. In it you will find information on:

  • Logging into PLT4M
  • Student getting started Video
  • Remote workout navigation
  • Logging your workouts
  • Accessing Mastering Mobility
  • Accessing Fitness Challenges

Access our PLT4M cheat sheet by using the following link:

PLT4M Cheat Sheet

We will also be including some links from our coaches to help you with some at-home skills work that you should be doing during this stay at home order.  Here is a repeat from last week:

Full Shooting Workout for Basketball Players 

Eagles’ Board of Excellence — Fitness Challenges
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, make sure you are completing and logging your results for our fitness challenges.   Last week we tested the 1 minute air squat and the 1 minute push up tests.  Currently, Josh Anderson is still our leader.  Anderson conquered the 1 minute push up challenge with 41 push-ups last week, while Jaren Vogel was tops in the 1 minute air-squat with 70.   Make sure you check out our leader board on PLT4M and be sure to log your results after each test!

This week we are testing the 1 mile run on Tuesday and the 1 minute sit-ups on Thursday.   Make sure you log your results on PLT4M!

Sunday, April 12, 2020
No Workouts Scheduled

Monday, April 13, 2020
Workout #7 — Unilateral Strength, Stability, and Capacity

To see a video summary of Workout #7, use the following link: Workout #7

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Mastering Mobility #5: Active Downdog/Up Dog; Lunge w/ External Twist — Left; Lunge w/External Twist — Right; Downdog/Up Dog; Spiderman — Left; Spiderman — Right; Downdog/Up Dog; Lunge w/ Internal Twist — Left; Lunge w/Internal Twist — Right; Low Dragon — Left; Low Dragon — Right; Downdog/Up Dog; Samson — Left; Samson — Right 

To see the video of Mastering Mobility #3, use the following link: Mastering Mobility #5

Fitness Challenge: 1 Mile Run 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Workout #8 — Increased Volume, Injury Prevention, and Joint Stability

To see a video summary of Workout #8, use the following link: Workout #8 

Thursday, April 16, 2020
Mastering Mobility #6: Standing Forward Fold; Standing Straddle; Standing Straddle Right; Standing Straddle Left; Frog; Half-Seated Frog – Left; Half-Seated Frog – Right; Supine Twist – Left; Supine Twist – Right; Supine Split – Left; Supine Split – Right; Sit and Reach

To see the video of Mastering Mobility #6, use the following link: Mastering Mobility #6

Fitness Challenge: Sit-ups — 1 Minute 

Friday, April 17, 2020
Workout #9 — Squat Mobility, Squat Technique Drilling, and Squat Capacity

To see a video summary of Workout #9, use the following link: Workout #9

Saturday, April 18, 2020
No Workouts Scheduled

Here are the student-athletes who were on PLT4M last week — the numbers in parentheses indicate how many days they logged in:

  • Kenzie Bowers
  • Nathan Baker
  • Austin Fisk
  • Xander Chatel
  • Will Harrison
  • Josh Anderson
  • Austin Loew
  • Emily Bull
  • Joscey Carew
  • Hannah VanderLugt
  • Jaret Jaramillo
  • Adrian Hernandez
  • Alycela Rose
  • Madison Carter
  • Robyn Vanderwest
  • Webb Longcore
  • Jasmnie Weeks
  • Ryan Wheeler
  • Austin Kerwin (2)
  • Troy Atwood (2)
  • Caroline VanOffelen (2)
  • Jim Anderson (2)
  • Kylie Brown (3)
  • Christian Brown (3)
  • Alyssa Larson (4)
  • Kierra Flegel (4)
  • Joe Anderson (4)
  • Kyler Larson (5)
  • Logan McVicker (5)
  • Jaren Vogel (5)

Anyone needing further assistance can email Athletic Director Jason Vogel ( or Coach Zach Gropp ( and we will help you resolve any issues.