Eagles News · Eagles of the Week: Beth Ohman and the Kent City Food Service Department

Beth Ohman has been working for Kent City Community Schools for 21 years now, although she kind of flies under the radar.  Kent City’s food service director since 2011, Ohman and her staff have been hard at work, even with school not in session, to provide nutritious and tasty meals to students at Kent City Community Schools.   Ohman is quick to credit her staff for making this a reality, “I really could not do any of this without my staff,” Ohman said.  “They have consistently shown up and stepped up to help in any way they can during this time . . . they are a great team!”   On Monday, Ohman was joined by Katie Michell, Penny Crowley, Julie Westbrook, and Anne Rawson at the elementary school to put together breakfast and lunch for Monday and Tuesday.  Other food service staff members have been working too, depending on the day.   They have created a drive up system so you do not even have to get out of the car!   During the first week 2,766 meals were delivered and on Monday, 988 meals were handed out.  Seeing the food service staff brightened my day on Monday, they know a way to a man’s heart — food.   It is probably the same reason I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today . . .  it is supposed to be taco Tuesday, a lunch I look forward to all week.   You can tell a lot about a person by how they build their taco salad.   I am an everything and the kitchen sink guy, especially the jalapenos . . .  oh how I love jalapenos.   Mr. Crane puts French dressing on his — you can read into that however you would like.   They are certainly not one hit wonders either, there is the cherry blossom chicken, chili dog day, eagle bowl, fried chicken, build your own burger, etc, etc, etc.
Beth Ohman grew up in Comstock Park and then married into the Kent City Community 36 years ago to her husband Todd.   She was involved in athletics and band growing up running track for the Panthers and playing the flute in the band.   Joining Kent City’s food service department in 1999 allowed her a chance to work, but also to be home with her three kids (all of which went to Kent City) when school was out.  Now that her children are grown, she really enjoys interacting with the students at school, especially our elementary aged kids!  Ohman and company will continue to serve breakfast and lunches from 9:00 a.m. — 11:00 a.m. at Kent City Elementary on Wednesday (3/25), Friday (3/27), Monday (3/30), and Wednesday (4/1).   The schedule may be adjusted in the near future as we await more information from the state of Michigan.   Ohman’s favorite menu item is the Eagle bowl, which is Kent City’s version of a Qdoba bowl.   It includes pulled pork or chicken, rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream salsa, a liquid cheese, and best of all — jalapenos . . . freshly cut jalapenos.   It brings me to tears just thinking about it, oh how I long for school to be back in session!