Multiple Teams · Committed to Excellence — Connecting with Lexie Bowers

As the world works to stop the spread corona virus, our nation’s sports scene has come to a halt — and rightfully so.  Although we are unable to practice or plays games as we do our part to mitigate the damage from this virus, Kent City student-athletes have taken their training home with them, demonstrating the self-discipline and work ethic that exists in the Eagle nation.

For those looking for a way to stay active and return from this departure from our normal routines in better shape and stronger than when you left, we do have PLT4M workouts accessible online that can be done at home without the use of any equipment.   We are extremely lucky to have this resource, as it offers professional guidance for our student-athletes who are already using this program paid for by the Kent City Sports Boosters.  If you do not have access contact Coach Gropp at and he will help you get connected.

Today we are going to check-in with freshman Lexie Bowers who just completed her first full season on the varsity basketball team.   Bowers played an expanded role for the Eagles as the season progressed, really shining during the MHSAA tournament as a threat from behind the arc, but also with her ability to drive to the hoop.   During the fall, Bowers played on the freshman volleyball team for Kent City.

1. How have you kept yourself busy?
I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, sleeping, and hanging out with my friends.

2. What do your at home workouts look like?
Most of my at home workouts are me shooting in my driveway and also doing some cardio and ab workouts.
 3. What do you miss most about school?  Why? 
I miss seeing my friends and also playing sports!
4. What book are you reading?   Would you recommend it to a friend?  Why or Why not?   
I’m reading A Dog’s Way Home by W. Bruce Cameron. I would recommend it to a friend because it’s about dogs, and everyone loves dogs!
5. Who in Kent City has made a positive impact on your life?   What have they done for you?  
My older sister, Kenzie, has made a huge impact on my life as a person and as an athlete. She is always pushing me and making sure I’m the best person I can be.
6. What is something you will never forget about the 2019-2020 basketball season?   
The main thing I won’t forgot about this basketball season was how close all of us girls were and how we treated each other like sisters. But I also will remember winning lots of games!