Kent City Varsity Girls Basketball, Varsity Girls Basketball · Fast Five: Kenzie Bowers–Socializing, Being Fearless, And 1,000 Points

Welcome to this week’s edition of Fast Five, where you can get to know an Eagle athlete through just five questions! This week I talked to star girls’ basketball athlete Kenzie Bowers. Kenzie has been a varsity player since her freshman year, has earned all-state honors twice, and committed recently to play college basketball for the DI Illinois State Redbirds.

1. What is your biggest silly/irrational fear?

“I feel I still have yet to find what I really fear, I guess it just hasn’t come up!”

2. What is one thing, besides the basic necessities, that you couldn’t live a day without?

“I probably couldn’t go a day without socializing with someone. I like to be around others, so whenever I just get a little time with my sister or my friends, I feel just a little bit better.”

3. If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would you choose?

“I would probably want to meet my Great Grandma Scheuneman, who passed away before I was born.”

4. You recently reached the 1,000 point plateau on your career. What does this achievement mean to you? 

“Reaching my 1,000th point is such a surreal accomplishment to me. Ever since I was a freshman it was something I wanted to reach. So it’s very exciting!”

5. What is your favorite part of going to practice with your teammates every day?

“I really enjoy my team this year. We have a really good chemistry and definitely the best out of any other team I’ve had while being on varsity. So I look forward to having some laughs with my teammates at practice every day but also working hard to be the best that we can be.”


You can catch Kenzie and the girls’ basketball back in action on Tuesday, January 14th when they travel to Muskegon for the annual game with the Big Reds, a matchup that has produced many instant classics in recent years. They then come back home on Friday, January 17th to take on the Hesperia Panthers in a CSAA Silver Showdown.