Eagles News · Zara Weber is Burger King’s Athlete of the Year

A week after school was over, Zara Weber still had to get up early for her appearance on the WLAV-FM morning show.  Hosts Tony Gates and Michelle McKormick welcomed Zara as the Burger King Athlete of the Year!

Zara earned this award after being named the Burger King Athlete of the Week in mid-April after winning her events at the Kent City versus White Cloud dual track meet.  Coach Jill Evers had also noted that senior captain Zara holds two CSAA records as well as the Kent City school record in the high jump.  Burger King and WLAV were both impressed with Zara’s involvement on the inaugural Kent City golf team where she won the sportsmanship award as well as her state record for the most three-point baskets in a basketball game.  They also noted her completed college courses and commendable GPA.

Due to her impressive athletic and academic resume, Zara was upgraded to the 2019 Burger King Athlete of the Year.  Gates and McKormick said they didn’t even have time to mention all of her accomplishments on the air.  However, they did take the time to ask Zara about how she got her name–from a fishing lure!

Congratulations Zara!