Middle School Girls Soccer · Geers score 4 goals in middle school soccer’s 4-2 win over Wyoming


The Kent City Middle School soccer team won their home game last night against Wyoming Newhall 4 to 2. The girls played aggressively; their focus working as a team, and it showed.

Just 3 minutes into the first half midfield was able to get the ball up to seventh grade forward Nataly Ramirez Garcia who, using great footwork, maneuvered the ball past Newhall defenders and launched a beautiful cross to the center of the box where seventh grader Maddie Geers was waiting. Geers shot the ball into the right lower corner, scoring her first of four goals.

Not 6 minutes later, Newhall players knocked the ball out of bounds. Seventh grader Mattie Kerwin took the thrown in on the left side of the field. She threw to Geers who got control of the ball and then scootered around the defenders, shooting just over the goalie’s gloves, resulting in her second score.

Kent City Eagles were in it for the win. With 10 minutes left of the first half, center-midfielder Izabella Arechiga dribbled the ball up field. With a quick pass to the center, striker Geers launched a third ball past Newhall goalie. The score was now 3 to 0 and Kent City wasn’t going to let anything past them. Defenders Sidney Saldana, Lily Peterson, Cristina Garza, and Leticia Sanchez held down the fort, rarely letting the Newhall forwards. All shots on goal were skillfully blocked by sixth grade goalie Joandy Matias.

Heading into the second half, the Eagles knew they had to keep up the momentum. Newhall was going to come back wanting a win, but Kent City wasn’t going to let that happen. New goalie sixth grader Emily DeBlas blocked multiple shots, but one Newhall forward was able to break past the defensive line and shoot the ball in the lower left corner. DeBlas dove and narrowly missed, resulting in Newhall’s first goal. About 5 minutes later, a Kent City defender was called for a handball in the box, resulting in a penalty kick for Newhall. There was not much goalie DeBlas could do as the ball sailed passed her, a second goal for Newhall.

Kent City fought back hard, taking the ball downfield multiple times. Sixth graders Shay Brooks, Lila Volkers, and Joandy Matias took multiple shots on goal. With 7 minutes left in the game, Newhall kicked the ball out on their goal line, resulting in a corner kick. Seventh grader Lily Peterson took the kick, launching the ball into the box. Multiple Kent City players had touches on the ball, working to pass it to each other and into the net. A Newhall Defender got control of the ball and went to clear it, but Maddie Geers was patiently waiting on the 18-yard line. With one touch, she kicked the ball in air and it soared into the right corner of the net. Another goal for Kent City!

Come out to support our Eagles at our last home game against Allendale this Thursday, May 16th at 4:30pm!