Eagles News · WE are Kent City: Flashback to Homecoming 2008

 We apologize for not publishing this article last week.  With all of the activities, we simply ran out of time.  Here is a Homecoming Flashback from 2008.  

It’s Thursday, which means it’s Video Game Day! It feels like Halloween when you are walking down the halls of the high school. With many different costumes being worn. The Kent City students do not take the easy way out! Ten years ago today was the homecoming of 2008. They had some interesting homecoming days back then, such as: music genre day, animal day, food day, pattern day, and the most important one that nobody can forget, spirit day.

The king and queen of the 2008 homecoming were, Josh Mitchell and Julia Lowe.


Julia Lowe & Cyle McNees                        Michelle Busse & Chris Funk

Katie Miller & Josh Mitchell            Chelsea Kurnat & Steve Harrison

The girls on court consisted of Chelsea Kurnat, Katie Miller, Michelle Buse, and of course Julia Lowe. The girls were escorted by the boys which included Steve Harrison, Chris Funk, Cyle McNees, and Josh Mitchell. The freshmen prince and princess were Sadie Ringer and Justin Kruithoff.  Julia George and Rusty Roberts were the prince and princess for the sophomores.  Finally for the juniors, Audrey Skrabis and Kyall Bradford were voted on for the princess and prince.

Instead of floats in 2008, the classes decided to make banners. They held the banners up with Eagle Pride as they marched each one in the parade. The homecoming spirit week was won by the Juniors, class of 2010.

The homecoming game was played on October 3rd.  The Eagles took on Wyoming Godwin Heights, and Kent City came out on top with a score, 44-14. The Varsity football team was 4-5 on the year.