Kent City Rocket Football Football Rocket · Kent City 3rd and 4th Grade Rocket Football Weeks 3 and 4 Review

We have played our first two games of the season and we are making progress!  On offense we have been able to move the football running just a few simple plays.  Our offensive line is getting better at knowing how to correctly line up and what they need to do each play.   The running backs and quarterbacks are all learning the correct footwork and where to run when they have the football.

On defense, we have been getting better at tackling as we are gaining confidence and becoming more aggressive.  We need to remember to keep our head out of the tackle by using the Hawk Tackling fundamentals that we work on at every practice.  We should be:

  1. Tracking the Near Hip
  2. Swooping with a our near knee and shoulder pad.
  3. Wrapping up with our head to the side.
  4. Driving our feet or rolling with our head away from the ball carrier.

For our first two games we chose two different sets of captains — they went out to the coin toss before the game.  We chose players who have been working hard at practice and doing a good job of listening.

Kenowa Hills Game: Xander Roe and Adam Hunter

Cedar Springs Game: Ethan Bowman and Trevor McGuff

Here is a review of weeks 3 and 4 along with this week’s schedule:

Kent City 3rd and 4th Grade Football Weekly 9-15 — 9-22

Also, anyone who has been taking pictures, please send them my way so I can post them on our website,