Multiple Teams · Kent City Spring All-Conference Student-Athletes 2018

On Monday, we took a moment to celebrate the many achievements of our spring student-athletes at Kent City High School.  The varsity girls and boys track and field teams finished the season as conference champions, while the varsity softball and varsity golf teams finished as conference runner-up.  In total, the Eagles had 32 student-athletes earn all-conference honors this spring.  Once again, Mary Wilson was on hand to take pictures of the individual teams, as well as the entire group after which we traveled to Big Rapids for more pictures and dinner at the Rock on the campus of Ferris State University.

Kent City Spring 2018 Student-Athletes

Front Row (L-R): Layla Martini (Track & Field); Carley Denhof (Track & Field); Jasmine Weeks (Track & Field); Amya Rodenburg (Track & Field); Kristen Toporski (Track & Field); Kenzie Bowers (Softball and Track & Field); Elizabeth Sible (Track & Field); Zara Weber (Track & Field); Janelle Krueger (Softball); and Teanna McCuaig (Track & Field)

Second Row (L-R): Abby Ignasiak (Track & Field); Alyssa Larson (Softball); and Makenna Bonter (Softball)

Back Row (L-R): Fraser Wilson (Track & Field); Joe Weeks (Track & Field); Evan Jones (Track & Field); Trent Buckner (Track & Field); Nick Flegel (Track & Field); Brendan VanSyckle (Track & Field); Jacob Rode (Golf); Rylan Kerwin (Baseball); Gavin Mead (Baseball); Spencer Hartley (Track & Field); Eli Carlson (Baseball); Giovanni Weeks (Track & Field); and Dolan Bair (Track & Field)

Not Pictured: McKenna Dombrowski (Track & Field); Hunter Nelson (Track & Field); Kameron Dombrowski (Golf); and Dylan Denhof (Golf)


Girls Track and Field 


Front Row (L-R): Kenzie Bowers (Freshman — 1st Team); Elizabeth Sible (Sophomore — 1st Team); Kristen Toporski (Sophomore — 1st Team); Zara Weber (Junior — 1st Team); Lauren Freeland (Junior — 1st Team); Teanna McCuaig (Senior — 1st Team)

Back Row (L-R): Abby Ignasiak (Sophomore — 1st Team); Layla Martini (Freshman — 1st Team); Amaya Rodenburg (Senior — 1st Team); Carley Denhof (Freshman — 1st Team); Jasmine Weeks (Freshman — 1st Team)

Not Pictured: McKenna Dombrowski (Junior — 1st Team)

Boys Track and Field 



Front Row (L-R): Nick Flegel (Sophomore — 1st Team); Evan Jones (Junior — 1st Team); Brendan Vansyckle (Senior — 1st Team); Spencer Hartley (Sophomore — Honorable Mention); and Joe Weeks (Senior — Honorable Mention)

Back Row (L-R): Giovanni Weeks (Junior — 1st Team); Dolan Bair (Sophomore — 1st Team); Trent Buckner (Sophomore — 1st Team); Fraser Wilson (Senior — 1st Team)

Not Pictured: Hunter Nelson (Senior — 1st Team)


Front Row (L-R): Gavin Mead (Senior — 1st Team); Eli Carlson (Sophomore — 1st Team); and Rylan Kerwin (Junior — Honorable Mention)


Front Row (L-R): Alyssa Larson (Freshman — 1st Team); Janelle Krueger (Junior — 1st Team); Makenna Bonter (Junior — Honorable Mention); and Kenzie Bowers (Freshman — 1st Team)



Front Row (L-R): Jacob Rode (Senior — Honorable Mention)

Not Pictured: Kameron Dombrowski (Senior — Honorable Mention) and Dylan Denhof (Junior — Honorable Mention)